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$68.25. the 2 mags that i got from aim are a black finish and are easy to insert and remove. Compare. The rifle is a different story but they replaced all my mags and all of them hold 1 round fine now, no pop outs. $21.97. Of the 10 mags I have out, 5 have never been used. One new winner* is announced every week! EXCELLENT 20.00. If you can find them, buy them. Don't have and DS Arms poly mags because of their questionable reliability issues. The S&W M&P15 Sport II is a ready to go package with a durable Melonite coated barrel, adjustable sights and a single stage trigger. Got plenty of surplus mags, no need to open it up for DSA mags. 5.0. Moses has yet to deliver magazines to people who ordered them. Figured I'd ask here before I bought any. He is an avid fan of running and gunning. I wouldn't buy from Moses after what he did (not sure his website is even still up), but I guess I was one of the lucky few to receive the mags I ordered. They are supposedly made to work in both metric and inch . They're still made. 4.0. DSA SA58 FAL Enhanced Bumper Magazine Floor Plate - Black - Single Unit. Additionally the disconnector is designed with a lengthened tail for a full stop on the rear trigger guard rivet and hammer stop, preventing the hammer from slamming on the trigger. Mind you: this is an expensive setup and you can't use steel cased ammo in a FAL! . The SCAR 17S magazine (those discussed inthisarticle, as of this writing) is actually a modified FN FAL magazine. Out of stock View Details . For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser settings before proceeding. On the scoped FALs I have shot, I prefer a low-mounted true-1-4X, 30mm tube. Never gonna happen. Oct 13, 2012. extensive inventory of rare and unusual items as well as select new production Made in the USA and counts as 3 US parts for 922r compliance. Specializing in Military and Collectables. Good news is great but "bad" news is best. View Cart {{shoppingcart.totalQuantityDisplay}} Item(s), ORIGINAL FABRIQUE NATIONALE HERSTAL FAL MANUAL, ENGLISH VERSION, JMAC CUSTOMS 360 MUZZLE BRAKE FOR FAL METRIC 9/16X24LH KEYMOUNT (KEYMICRO), JMAC CUSTOMS 360 MUZZLE BRAKE FOR FAL INCH 9/16X24 KEYMOUNT (KEYMICRO), SUREFIRE 3-PRONG FLASH HIDER FOR FAL, THREAD 9/16 X 24, 4-PACK NEW IN WRAP ISRAELI FAL 20RD MAGAZINES, FAL LEATHER DUAL MAG POUCH, AUSTRIAN G-VG, MAGLULA FAL MAG LOADER AND UNLOADER - 7.62x51MM / .308 WIN, 3-PACK ORIGINAL MAGPUL 7.62 MAG ASSIST, BLACK, 3-PACK ORIGINAL MAGPUL 7.62 MAG ASSIST, FDE, BORESNAKE BORE CLEANER, RIFLE 7.62MM/.30/.308, BORESNAKE VIPER CLEANER, RIFLE 7.62MM/.30/.308, AUSTRALIAN ARMY MANUAL OF LAND WARFARE, INCLUDES L1A1 L2A1 INFORMATION, FN FAL COLLAPSIBLE BUTTSTOCK, FAB DEFENSE, FAL PICATINNY SCOPE MOUNT, METRIC OR INCH, FAL KEYMOD HANDGUARD WITH PICATINNY TOP RAIL, FAL M-LOK HANDGUARD WITH M-LOK AND PICATINNY TOP RAILS. Copyright 1996-2023 AR15.COM LLC. Triton Stone Group Natural Stone Institute Although we expect no bad news :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: R1Shooter, any updates on the field tests by the S.A. Army rangers? |regenC|MC Set || Li Mc miss || || LP Mc miss ||, Antique (Pre-1899) Rifles - Flintlock Misc, Antique (Pre-1899) Rifles - Matchlock/Wheellock Misc, Century Arms International (CAI) - Rifles, Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Rifles (perc), Winchester Rifles - Modern Bolt/Auto/Single, Winchester Rifles - Pre-1899 Bolt/Single Shot, Century Arms International (CAI) - Pistols, Colt Automatic Pistols (.25, .32, & .380 cal), Colt Single Action Revolvers - Modern (22 Cal. 3 Pack, Original Issue SKS Oiler Bottle - Metal - Condition Varies - 3 For $10.00, Original Issue SKS Oiler Bottle - Plastic - Condition Varies - 5 For $10.00, Original Issue SKS Tool Kit - Fits Inside Buttstock - Condition & Style Varies, RPD Canvas Bag For Steel Drum - Surplus Fair Condition - Drum Not Included, RPD Metal Drum For Belt - Surplus Fair Condition - No Belts Included, Steyr MPI 69/81 32 Round Magazine - New Old Stock, Surplus 20 Round Aluminum Metric FAL Magazine - 7.62x51 / .308 - Used, Very Good Condition, Surplus 20 Round FAL Magazine - Metric Pattern - Arsenal Refinished, Surplus 20 Round Steel FAL Magazine - 7.62x51 / .308 - Used, Good Condition, Surplus 20 Round Steel FAL Magazine - 7.62x51 / .308 - Used, Original Condition, UZI 25 Round 9mm Magazine - Used Condition, UZI Barrel Nut Lock/ Catch (See Item # Z255 for Catch Spring), UZI Bayonet & Scabbard - Surplus Good Condition - Factory Original, UZI Cleaning Kit Metal Container - Original IMI Issue - Good Condition, UZI Cleaning Kit Plastic Container - Original IMI Issue - Very Good Condition, UZI folding stock, complete, for compatibility questions call DSA, all NFA rules apply. These Surplus Israeli FN Fal Metric Pattern Magazines are for 7.62x51 FN Fal Metric Pattern rifles and are constructed of steel. Price $197.00. Used but VG 12.00. Oops, sorry the page you requested does not exist. There is really no way to gently insert those things from my experience. This model includes a FIME Enhanced Fire Control Group consisting of a single-hook trigger, hammer, disconnector and disconnector springs. Think P-mag for the FAl . Like companies like CTD and others, some just choose to ignore the fact that those of us behind enemy lines need mags too We at Dsarms decided against ever doing a polymer mag as it would be silly to duplicate the good work Jonny has done. Parts listed here are designed for FN FAL semi-auto rifle models chambered in .308 Win unless noted otherwise. Apparently Johnny who owns/runs Moses Machine has screwed a whole bunch of people on FAL magazines orders. Moses Machine Works FAL Magazine - 20 Round - Black - Fits Metric & Inch Pattern <p>Moses Machine Works FAL Magazine - 20 Round - Black - Fits Metric &amp; Inch Pattern. The hexmag solution for reduced capacity magazines with full length bodies is much better. *Must have a registered ARFCOM account to win. Substantially extended service life over other types of assemblies. Here are my observations. Its a great gun, but I never shoot it anymore because all I end up doing is troubleshooting mag problems. Reactions . 5 Moses mags for sale.Obviously these count as 3 US made parts. Moses Mags in inch pattern Fal. One shortcoming relating to practical ergonomics is the SCARs short rail system, which leaves a large amount of exposed barrel. Moses knows his stuff and he spent forever working to get them right. *Must have a registered ARFCOM account to win. I sent my rifle and mags back to them to be checked out. Order now!!!! They always require a tap or a tug to get them to seat. And they should be. These seem to be sold out almost everywhere. You are using an out of date browser which is likely incompatible with our website. Weight wise it is not that bad at just 8.1oz. Looking to learn more? ITEM #: 308A0116T03. Nicholas Chen is a firearm aficionado. Keep your FAL-style Rifle going on the firing line with this 20-round Mag from Thermold. Well, the Moses Mag SCAR mags worked beautifully and not once did I use the factory FNH mags. NH. Please don't order if you're in one of those areas! I've attached a couple of pictures that show the difference between Inch and Metric Mags and Receivers. Atlantic firearms does our best to try and carry quality options for all the firearms we carry. That might be a win-win for everyone :wink: The blocker would take an afternoon to draw up in solidworks. Item #: 119120-K. Price: $12.95. 5.0. If you want new buy the Moses poly mags you can find the thread on falfiles. They fit the L4A1 Bren, L1A1 and can be modified to work in the FAL. That is almost half the weight of the factory FN magazine. I couldnt tell. FN Fal 1" Pattern 20 Round 308 Thermold Magazine. ProMag - FN FAL Metric Pattern Magazine - .308 Winchester - 20 Round - FDE Zytel Polymer - FNH-A9-FDE, ProMag - FN FAL Metric Pattern Magazine - .308 Winchester - 20 Round - Black Zytel Polymer - FNH-A9, Thermold FNFALM FAL 7.62x51 / .308 Caliber Metric Pattern 20 Rd Magazine, Moses Mags 20rd 7.62X51 Polymer FAL Magazine - Multiple Colors Available. They come in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 rd capacities. JavaScript is disabled. Buy product . EE 100% (46) IL, USA. These FAL Magazines will need work. I have a few steel military surplus, a few DS arms steel and polymer. The Arsenal SAM7SF-84E utilizes a hot-die hammer forged, milled receiver for superior strength compared to stamped receivers. Compatible with 7.62x51/.308 FAL rifles in metric or inch pattern. However, if you load it to a full 21 rounds, you will have a difficult time inserting it on a closed bolt. Here is the link to where I found them for anyone interested. I think DSA even sells the Moses Mags on their site. G3 mags a bucks each.. Manufactured and pressed into service in 1953, the FN FAL rifle is a combat-proven, gas-operated, select-fire rifle, often celebrated as one of the most successful combat rifles ever produced. SOLD - $29.99. It was in New York State where he became a USPSA competitive shooter and learned about 3Gun. These are 7.62x51 NATO/.308 Magazines. JMAC CUSTOMS 360 MUZZLE BRAKE FOR FAL METRIC 9/16X24LH KEYMOUNT (KEYMICRO) Price $98.96. With the FAL rifle continuing to be prized by collectors and shooters, the demand for quality magazines increases with each new rifle sold. Film pozostawia Hacmona z penowymiarowym negatywem, ktry . #2/21. These make loading much easier, just stack and press (no stripper clip needed)),But will work. Lots of options out there. Edit: Note that the replacement mags they sent me had the same build date on them. Fairly sure I saw mil surp FAL mags for $20 at Knob Creek last weekend which has always seemed to be the safest route for functioning magazines. Thermold FN FAL Metric .308 Win 5 Round Magazine Black. Didn't magpul mention at the 2019 shotshow that they were making FAL mags but we're working the kinks out? Metric FAL mags for $15 in like new / excellent shape. And since the FAL magazine is not that different from a SCAR magazine, it was not that difficult to alter the mold and make a polymer magazine for the SCAR 17S. Let's Customize Your Experience. We are also in contact with large numbers of Reenacters ranging from Civil War to WW2. $68.25. Our Price: $14.95 . The BDA .380 Pistol is based on the proven Beretta Model 81 and/or 84 design. No guarantee is made of their compatibility with any rifle other than the RRA LAR-8. Don't have and DS Arms poly mags because of their questionable reliability issues. He has invested a lot of time AND money in developing a RELIABLE polymer mag for the FAL similar to a P-Mag. Snap Caps - .308 Winchester - Machined Aluminum - 2 Pack, HK33 Original Carry Handle & Bracket - Surplus Good Condition, HK91/G3 7.62/.308 Caliber 20 Round Magazine - Alloy - Poor Condition. Might be a good source for FAL mags that work if the cost isn't unreasonable! You must log in or register to reply here. SOUTH AFRICAN 30 CAL 250RD PLASTIC AMMO CAN. Messages 3,108 Reactions 6,547. Non Guns Magazines Clips Rifle Magazines FAL FAL dsa Moses polymer rd Magazines New colors In Stock | 1069 | 0 | Lc | 109.3774ms, FAL dsa Moses polymer 20rd Magazines New 3 colors In Stock. Empty, the factory 20 rd mag weighs 8.6oz. Moses Machine Works FAL magazine, fits metric and inch pattern. really nice guys, making a really nice magazine. This Browning semi automatic pistol is chambered in .380 Auto and is double/single action. Having spent time with FFLs and other friends with NFA items he has begun his collection of NFA items and has learned that everything should be suppressed and full auto where possible and legal. Additionally, the SAM7K receiver requires over 5.5 hours of milling time before assembly. Price $19.95. Like new condition. It is our mission to encourage, organize, and support these efforts throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. really nice guys, making a really nice . 100% new-production parts and components. But since surplus are 15-30 each, new are expensive. Out of stock. The magazine is the lightest of all the SCAR17S compatible magazines. Press J to jump to the feed. Once he moved out to Pennsylvania and then spent a few years in New York State, he learned to truly appreciate firearms and the second amendment. The mags are polymer and due to the design, they weigh 45% less than the factory FNH SCAR17S steel magazines., San Diego, USA- Member(JWHuey) on AKfiles & I just. The SAM7K-44 utilizes a threaded Front Sight Block with Krink 24x1.5mmRH threads. The SCAR 17S magazine (those discussed in this article, as of this writing) is actually a modified FN FAL magazine. I took them with me to the range to test them with my new build. Quality Tactical Gear, Tactical Accessories, Clothing & More | FNH USA eStore. Item #: 11720-REF. JMAC CUSTOMS 360 MUZZLE BRAKE FOR FAL INCH 9/16X24 KEYMOUNT (KEYMICRO) Price $103.46. The FN America SCAR 17S is, in the opinion of many, one of the best battle rifles out on the market. While surplus mags are still available its better to just get the surplus ones tbh. Lol. . Smooth action: For metric pattern rifles; Black Zytel nylon construction; 20-round capacity; 7.62x51mm / .308 cal. Neither of my guns will run the one that shipped with my DSA. The ones I bought for my LAR-8 reminded me a lot of Thermolds. factory and reproduction magazines that are made to the same specifications as the factory FN magazines using the same materials. These are FAL style RRA LAR-8 magazines. Years back I had a 1-4 designed for an AR and it was awkwardly high except from a bench. I know Lancer mags have metal around the feed lip area to address this concern. Specifications. Israeli Metal Tin cleaning kit, includes pull thru rope, brush & oil bottle, L1A1 rear sight blade/leaf only, good to very good, L1A1 trigger guard, steel portion only, good to very good, L1A1 trigger plunger retaining plate, good to very good, M14 mag loader military surplus, steel, accepts stripper clips, Mayflower Assault Plate Carrier - Ranger Green - S/M Size, MSAR XM17 E4 AR15 30 Round Black Polymer Magazine - 5.56 / .223 / 300 BLK Caliber, Original Issue SKS Ammo Pouch - Condition & Style Varies - QTY. Gun Boss Multi-Kit Cleaning System, With Bore Boss, .223 / 5.56mm *NEW* Using 7.62x51 NATO cartridges, these 20rd FAL mags function flawlessly in metric and inch receivers. The original PMAG came about in 2007. Moses has worked on the mag design and manufacture for years to get it to where it is now so why not help him to help you?? Lenght 30 1/2". Well, I'll update my wait on the Moses mag I ordered for testing earlier this year. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. All Rights Reserved. The SCAR 17S and FAL magazine bodies are the same. Sounds like the previous owner didn't take the time to "fit" the mag to their rifle and just kept pushing it in,BUT not all the way, wearing the catch. maybe 20 too, but probably 25 and 30s. Any new threads posted offering an item for sale, looking to trade or buy an item which are posted outside of Marketplace will be deleted without notice or warning. Shipping: $7.50 (or FREE in-store pick up!) I'm curious, does RRA offer mags? Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. Beretta AR70 5.56 / .223 Caliber - 30 Round - Good to Fair Condition, FAL Argentine Open Ear Gas Block For Standard Profile Barrels, FAL Blank Firing Device - Surplus Fair With Poor Finish, FAL Genuine Austrian Army Cleaning Kit - Used, FAL Israeli & Belgian Type Wood Stock Front Support Ferrule Cap, FAL Original SURPLUS Israeli Length Gas Piston - Chrome Plated, FAL SA58 Safety Sear - Complete With Spring - All NFA Rules Apply, FAL SA58 SURPLUS Belgian Style Combo Device Flash Hider - 9/16x24 LEFT, FAL STG58 Austrian Style Long Flash Hider - Used, Original Condition - 9/16x24 LEFT, FAL SURPLUS Metric Pistol Grip - Black - Used, Poor Condition, G.P.S. FN FAL M14 M1A AR10 STG 58 SCAR 17 308 Magazine Mag LOADER, NEW NEW Magazine loader for .308 FN-FAL,FN SCAR17 & FNAR STG58,AR10,and M14,M1A Magazines. Wired Magazine mwi: Hacmon opracowa technik polegajc na zastosowaniu specjalnego rodzaju filmu z warstw cieczy [filmu], ktry rejestruje ruch samej wody. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. The choice of the FN-FAL magazine offers some nice ergonomic touches, such as the . Most likely 25 and 30 rounders. Add to Cart. 20-round Thermold FN / FAL Magazine. Features. FN FAL 5 ROUND STRIPPER CLIPS. The 20 round ones anyways. Sign up for the ARFCOM weekly newsletter and be entered to win a free ARFCOM membership. If I remember correctly (It has been a while) that's what happened to them. $124.43. We are proud to offer an Arizona Response Systems has used metric surplus mags available. Still have a bunch of the milsurp mags from the days of $4 sales but still plan on getting a few more Moses mags while DSA still has them in stock becuse it's always hit or miss with those magazines being in stock. All Rights Reserved. ! Israeli full-auto selector switch, will not work on metric other than Israeli or L1A1/CAI. Item #: 11720-SUR-G. Price: $29.95. Own several and they all run flawlessly. the mag that came with the gun and the kci have the same finish and are tight going in and out. Having served in every major conflict since the Korean war, the FAL utilizes a hammer-fired . FREE shipping on orders over $75 . With today's manufacturing prices and the relative demand for FAL mags (Imbel, DSA, Century, etc all sell FAL parts guns) it's not unreasonable to pay $25 for a good rifle magazine. Price: $37.00. Especially when the Keltec RFB uses them as well. Moses Mag, started making polymer FAL magazines. $40.00. I have 5 of them and they work great. I'd buy a metric fuck load of Magpul FAL mags. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. DSA makes a non-metal magazine. FN FAL CLEANING ROD SET Belgian Army FN FAL cleaning rod set. military surplus parts, magazines and accessories. Ive been looking into buying some FAL magazines, and thought I would buy some DSA mags. The SCAR 17S and FAL magazine bodies are the same. My concern is about magazines that just work. I learned this while adjusting my gas regulator. ar-15 100rd gen 2 drum magazine; ar-15 50rd magazine; ar-15 30rd aluminum magazine; ar-15 30rd black polymer magazine; glock. The. The gun used was an imbel kit on a DSA forged receiver with a DSA mag catch. You really have to ask yourself if you actually have any need for a . We always want to know what possibilities are available for improvement. I just found 3 on my dresser as I clean out my house. Price $19.95. I use them for run & guns and other competitions. Nicholas is a fan of pretty much anything that shoots although the slicked-up race guns are what interests him the most. RTG Parts LLC has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1999. Fail to feed. Moses Mags are GTG as are surplus when you can find them. NATO is great-o! While you can monopod the rifle on the magazine, all the weight is concentrated on that one narrow section of the magazine. We accept credit cards with a 3% service charge. An exceptional value, the M&P15 Sport II is a perfect choice for the tactical rifle enthusiast. AR15.COM is the world's largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. Arsenal SAM7K Milled Receiver Pistol 7.62x39 w/ Threaded Front Sight Block and Rear Picatinny Rail, S&W M&P15 Sport II 5.56mm 16" w/ Crimson Trace CTS-103 Red/Green Dot - Factory CA Featureless, Arsenal SAM7SF-84 Milled Receiver Side Folding Rifle 7.62x39 w/ Enhanced FCG, OD Green - CA, Arsenal SAM7SF-84 Milled Receiver Side Folding Rifle 7.62x39 w/ Enhanced FCG, Desert Sand - CA. The magazine is the lightest of all the SCAR17S compatible magazines. Feedback: 191 / 0 / 0. FNH USA SCAR-17S .308 Win. 9mm 50rd gen 2 drum magazine; 9mm 33rd gen 2 magazine; 9mm 17rd gen 2 magazine; 9mm 15rd gen 2 magazine.40 50rd drum magazine.40 31rd gen 2 magazine.40 15rd gen 2 magazine.40 13rd gen 2 magazine.45 acp 26rd magazine; mp5 Arsenal's exclusive milled receiver is made from hot-die hammer forged receivers. Made in the USA. Select your state below to see product shipping restrictions as you shop. FN offers magazines in two different capacities. These are 7.62x51 NATO/.308 Magazines. The hexmag ones look to be 3d printed. Sure there are tons of used in all manner of conditions aluminum "para" mags about but even the surplus steel mags are drying up. JavaScript is disabled. I would put one round in the mag and insert into the rifle and the round would pop out or fail to feed. FEATURED LONG GUN Italian M91 CarcanoGET YOURS, Limited Edition "Alien Green" 30 Round AK-47 MagazineGET YOURS. With the FAL still in production by DSA that would be great.. My 89 cents is get GI while you can right now. Evaluted are the following 4 brands: D.S. All rights reserved. The largest FN / FAL discussion board on the web! These are great magazines even being issued to military and rangers in Africa. 308 Winchester. List Price: $11.95. They were available in black, tan and green for $28 each, plus shipping. Then they added a plastic bumper to the base plate. How long are long periods of time to you?, I left 3 of mine loaded (forgot about them) for roughly a year, and they worked fine/ look fine, longer than that I couldn't say. I kept one of my original mags that had the issue and compared it to the replacements they sent me and couldnt see anything by eye. Browning BDA .380 Surplus Pistol. Yes, I wish Magpul got in the FAL mag game (SCAR 17 mags as well!) FN/FAL-1. Re-stocking fees may apply!! If I ever buy polymer FAL mags, these are the guys I'd go to. AR15.COM is the world's largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. Lots of info at The Fal Files. Outfit your FN FAL with quality OEM and aftermarket parts and components to ensure reliable function with every pull of the trigger. Lee, that's basically the plan, just a little more overkill involved too. This process produces stronger and finer grained steel, compared to machined bar stock. )Arsenal's Bulgarian made SAM7K pistol now features a picatinny rail for rear attachments. Still lighter than the factory magazine. He is a good guy to deal with and has had good reviews on his mags. Moses Mags 20rd 7.62X51 Polymer FAL Magazine - Multiple Colors Available. SUREFIRE 3-PRONG FLASH HIDER FOR FAL, THREAD 9/16 X 24. WTS: Moses mags. Even though it only has a 16.25 in. I will vouch for their quality, I am impressed more everyday, I will be in the field with the game Rangers that have some on test in South Africa in November and I will report back, it has been over a year now. You will receive an email every Friday morning featuring the latest chatter from the hottest topics, breaking news surrounding legislation, as well as exclusive deals only available to ARFCOM email subscribers. LAR-8 Polymer 3 Round Mag, .308 Caliber. ProMag FN SCAR 17 .308 20 Round Magazine Polymer Flat Dark Earth. I've been looking to stock up on mags for mine, but all my usual haunts are out of DSA steel mags. Gonna be doing alotof shooting? Longish eye relief is nice, too - so a shotgun scope works nicely, or you could try the new Leupold variable scout (tho it is . The newly designed FN/Fal magazine fits the Kel-Tec RFB. Contributor. ProMag 18-Round Mag for Glock 44: It Fills a Void Left by the OEM, Savage Arms Impulse Driven Hunter: Straight Pull Precision, Precision and Elegance: MasterPiece Arms DS38SC 38 Super Comp Open Competition Pistol, Sig MCX-SPEAR: Commercial Version of the XM7 Rifle, Taylors & Company Tactical 1911: 10mm Goodness. They work good in Tarkov so they might work good irl. 30 Round, L4A1 Bren Magazines. 20 Round Magazine [P/N: 98036] - $124.43 : Welcome to Knights Armament Company, When Your Life is on the Line. This model features classic wood grips and has a 13+1 capacity. You Save: $4.00 (33%) AK47 30RD 7.62x39 MAGAZINE, SOVIET STYLE FOLLOWER, AC-UNITY. I actually engineered into the design of the Moses mags to expand to acceptable dimensions if left loaded indefinitely. They don't drop free, but they feed reliably and are light. Jest to debiut jego techniki uchwycenia niewidzialnych form wody. ProMag FN FAL .308 Win Magazine 20 Rounds Metric Black. they have stamped on the bottom and i bought them with no packaging and looked like thay had cosmo on them. Last post on their Facebook page was 5 years ago. Copyright 1996-2023 AR15.COM LLC. Compare. Not to be that guy but it doesn't seem that long ago FAL mags were 2-3 bucks each. Apr 24, 2014. These mags are great but they are a bit pricey and they weigh a lot. barrel with 1:12 twist, it is accurate out to 800 meters. It seems that DSA's mag quality is probably . I would steer clear of Thermolds, DSA and Korean mags. I havent gone shooting with these magazines yet. I have seen the term "Moses Mags" and thought perhaps the reference was extended Mags for Moisin Nagant rifles. DSA FAL SA58 Magazine Upgrade Kit - For 20 Round Magazines - 3 Polymer Followers & Springs. The feed lips are slightly different, and there is a side magazine catch notch for the SCAR mags. It fires a 7.6251 cartridge but the recoil is oddly soft for a rifle chambered in .308 Winchester. Just on the FAL Files forum alone there are many pages of similar stories. They are easily disassembled for cleaning. Try looking here for metric FAL mags. I bought four. PROMAG FAL 20RD MAGAZINE NEW, FDE. A 20 rd mag weighs 6.1oz and the 25 round magazine weighs 8.1oz. FALaholic # 536 Joined Aug 1, 2000 Posts 2,273 Location Phila,Pa. No Charges? There is a guy over at the FAL Files that goes by the screen name of Moses. Price: $14.95. Still have a bunch of the milsurp mags from the days of $4 sales but still plan on getting a few more Moses mags while DSA still has them in stock becuse it's always hit or miss with those magazines being in stock. Surplus 20 Round Steel FAL Magazine - 7.62x51 / .308 - Used, Good Condition. The SCAR17S Mag is actually a modified FAL magazine and the floorplate is like that of an AR-15. Arms, Moses Machine Works, Thermold Magazi. $29.95. Moses Mags are GTG as are surplus when you can find them. Not compatible with the BT-3. . I didn't hear of this, but I would love to see it happen! Item #: 118-EBP-K. Price: $18.95. I have had some issues with reliability with the 25 round mags. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. About the FN FAL. Moses mags are the bees knees. I'd opt vor a Vepr, Galil ACE 308 or PWS MK220 Mod 1-M as they can handle steel cased ammo. Werent they supposed to be coming out with an FAL mag without those extra ribs, specifically to fit an LAR 8? I have a couple and they've worked fine for me. My latest batch of DSarms Mags are all top notch, and the last order of mags from E-Sarco are also really good! both ds arms and kci fed perfectly and last round hold open worked every time. All Rights Reserved. Thermold 5-Round FAL-METRIC Magazine for the RFB (308/762NATO). SKU CIA-0001. Thread starter Near Sighted Sniper; Start date 7 minutes ago; Near Sighted Sniper Well-known member. value and quality found anywhere in the firearms community. 3 Items. Would buy more and keep my steel mags back for a rainy day. I'm looking across my office at one on my shelf as I type this. New condition. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. : I will be trying some Moses Mags. Let us know what topics you would be interested: 203 Performance on Demand Milspec Mojo. (!topic name="ProductFooter.InterStoreTransfer"!) Please do not call to add to an existing order, we are unable to do so. , stewart funeral home washington, dc obituaries,